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Helping Shape Your Practice’s Success!

Advanced Management improves healthcare delivery with services that enhance patient care and operational efficiency. Using advanced technology, we support practices in patient management, care coordination, and quality submissions. Our extensive provider network helps reduce costs, increase patient satisfaction, and ensure compliance, optimizing workflows and improving overall care.

Transitioning to value-based healthcare delivery may seem insurmountable!
Advanced Management USA can help expedite this transition, ensuring your physician practice thrives under an Accountable Care Organization (ACO).

SuperDocACO 2.0 is an advanced healthcare management tool designed for seamless patient care coordination. It provides real-time hospital notifications for admissions, discharges, and transfers, facilitating timely interventions to reduce costs and prevent readmissions. The platform features HIPAA-compliant secure messaging for efficient communication among healthcare professionals, along with a network directory for easy referral to skilled medical professionals within the organization. SuperDocACO 2.0 aims to streamline workflows, enhance communication, and improve overall healthcare delivery.

Real-Time Hospital Alerts​
Post-Acute Facility Alerts
Secure Messaging
Patient Care Coordination
Network Directory
AWV Eligibility Check


Data & Reporting

Blue Sky Analytics harnesses advanced technology to seamlessly integrate and analyze healthcare data, delivering clear, actionable insights. Our platform empowers healthcare organizations with intuitive reporting and deep analytics, enabling them to enhance care quality, optimize financial performance, and drive proactive patient management. Experience the future of healthcare analytics with Blue Sky Analytics.

Quality reporting and care gap identification
Insights on financial performance
Advanced Data Analytics
Claims Data Accessibility
Track Patient Interactions
Enhance Patient Care
Our Patient Access Coordination (PAC) team plays a crucial role in enhancing patient care and improving practice efficiency. We focus on scheduling Medicare Annual Wellness Visits, managing high-risk patients, and reducing unnecessary emergency room visits. Our team provides professional representation, ensuring patients adhere to their care plans through proactive outreach and follow-up. By alleviating administrative burdens for practices, we help increase practice revenue and improve patient outcomes, making high-quality healthcare more accessible and effective.
Outreach patients to schedule appointments
Weekly touch calls to high-risk patients
Increase practice revenue through better patient management.
Facilitate coordination of post-discharge care to improve patient outcomes and reduce readmissions.

Patient Access Center

In-Field Consultants

Our In-Field Consultants are dedicated professionals who work directly with healthcare practices to enhance patient care and operational efficiency. They provide personalized support and strategic guidance, helping practices implement best practices in patient management, care coordination, and workflow optimization. By leveraging advanced tools and data analytics, our consultants ensure that practices meet quality metrics, improve patient outcomes, and maximize revenue through efficient use of resources. Their hands-on approach and deep industry knowledge make them invaluable partners in navigating the complexities of modern healthcare delivery.
Conduct on-site training sessions for healthcare staff.
Monitor and manage practice performance metrics.
Help improve patient outcomes through effective strategies.
Provide personalized support to healthcare practices.
Our quality submission process is meticulously designed to ensure that healthcare practices meet and exceed industry standards. By systematically collecting, analyzing, and reporting data, we help practices achieve compliance with regulatory requirements and optimize their performance. This process includes thorough documentation, regular audits, and the use of advanced analytics to identify areas for improvement. Our team works closely with healthcare providers to implement corrective actions and best practices, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes and practice efficiency. Through this rigorous approach, we ensure that our partners consistently deliver high-quality care and maximize their potential for shared savings and performance incentives.
Systematic collection of healthcare data.
Regular audits to verify data integrity.
An average of 90% quality scoring for the ACO
Accurate and timely reporting to regulatory bodies.

Quality Submissions

Vast Preferred Network

Our vast preferred network is a cornerstone of our commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare. This extensive network includes a diverse array of high-performing healthcare providers, specialists, and facilities, all chosen based on stringent quality and performance metrics. By partnering with top-tier medical professionals and institutions, we ensure that our patients receive comprehensive, coordinated, and high-quality care across various healthcare settings. Our network fosters seamless transitions and referrals, enhances patient outcomes, and reduces unnecessary costs, ultimately providing superior healthcare experiences. This collaborative approach enables us to offer our patients access to the best possible care while maintaining efficiency and excellence in service delivery.
Ensures continuity of care across different providers.
Streamlines referral processes for patients.
Offers accessible care for patients with mobility issues.
Partners with mobile physician practices.

Practice Assistance Services:

Practice Guidance

Scheduling Assistance

Quality Reporting And Submission

Actionable Reports

Advanced Management USA provides ACO Members with Practice and Provider level reports on a quarterly basis designed to optimize care coordination, improve quality, and reduce unnecessary healthcare spend. Our actionable reports assist with better managing patient health outcomes by informing you of high risk patients, low performing facilities/agencies, and practice performance. In addition to quarterly reports, our team of Data Analyst build custom reports to identify practice revenue and savings opportunities, so you can make informed, patient centric decisions regarding patient care.

Technology Focused Services:

BlueSky Analytics (BSA)

Super DocACO App

Data Management

BlueSky Analytics is the leading ACO Analytics Platform integrating payer claims data to provide comprehensive insights for patient care and practice management. The platform provides valuable, actionable insights of your patients utilization and cost metrics, so you can spend less time deciphering data and more time taking care of what matters most, your patients. The BlueSky Analytics platform is provided to all ACO practices at no cost to ensure physicians are equipped to make informed decisions regarding quality, affordable patient care.

New And Existing ACO Services:

ACO Recruitment

ACO Contracting

As of January 1, 2023, Advanced Management USA has partnered with more than 2,400 health professionals who collectively manage over 100,000 Medicare-Fee-For-Service beneficiaries throughout California, Florida, District of Columbia, Georgia, New Jersey, and South Carolina. Advanced Management USA’s goal is to preserve physician independence. As a result, our physicians are best positioned to provide high-quality care and increase efficiency in the United States healthcare system. To learn more about Advanced Management USA and how we can work together please contact us!

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