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Strategic Priorities for Improved Patient Care in the Medicare Shared Savings Program

Advanced Management USA, LLC is dedicated to transforming healthcare through our management of multiple Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) that participate in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). Our strategic focus goes beyond the criteria set by the MSSP, and highlights important areas such as annual wellness visits, effective care transitions, and strong clinician engagement. Here, we describe how we incorporate these priorities into our operational framework to provide excellent care and attain financial efficiency. 

Prioritizing Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs) 

Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs) serve as a cornerstone of our proactive healthcare approach. These visits are crucial for early detection and preventive care, aligning with our mission to enhance patient outcomes while managing costs. At Advanced Management USA, we have integrated sophisticated scheduling systems and outreach programs to ensure high patient participation rates. This strategy is vital in capturing patient complexity accurately, which is not only pivotal for patient care but also for ensuring appropriate reimbursement under the MSSP’s financial benchmarks. 

Enhancing Care Transitions 

Smooth transitions between care settings are essential to prevent hospital readmissions and ensure continuous and coordinated care. Our ACOs employ comprehensive care transition programs that include prompt post-discharge follow-up appointments and robust communication protocols among all providers involved in a patient’s care. By leveraging advanced technology and sophisticated notification systems, we ensure that all providers across our network are promptly informed of patient admissions, discharges, and transfers. This technology sends real-time alerts to the relevant healthcare providers within our ACOs, enabling immediate action and continuous, coordinated care. This seamless flow of information not only keeps our care teams fully engaged but also significantly enhances patient outcomes by ensuring that every transition in care is smooth and well-managed. 

Strengthening Clinician Engagement 

To effectively engage clinicians, Advanced Management USA adopts a dual approach: fostering strong relationship-based strategies and utilizing data-driven tools. We provide our clinicians with access to performance dashboards that not only track but also predict patient outcomes, allowing for real-time adjustments to care strategies. This approach helps clinicians directly visualize their impact on both quality and cost metrics. Moreover, we believe in the power of incentives; a significant portion of the financial savings realized by our ACOs is distributed back to the participating practices. This not only rewards high performance but also empowers practices to reinvest in further innovations in patient care. 

Navigating Challenges 

The landscape of Medicare services is continuously evolving, with challenges such as health system consolidation and the growth of Medicare Advantage plans, which compete for the same pool of Medicare beneficiaries. Despite these challenges, our strategic initiatives and operational superiority enable us to maintain a stable and growing base of Medicare fee-for-service patients. We counteract these pressures by delivering consistently high-quality care that emphasizes patient satisfaction and outcomes, ensuring that our ACOs remain attractive to both new and existing Medicare beneficiaries. 

At Advanced Management USA, we are dedicated to implementing these strategic priorities effectively, which positions our ACOs as leaders in the MSSP. Our tailored approach not only addresses immediate healthcare needs but also sets a foundation for sustainable, long-term success in managing population health. 

Whether you are a healthcare provider seeking a supportive and rewarding network or a Medicare beneficiary looking for top-tier healthcare services, our ACOs provide the perfect platform for you to achieve better health outcomes and enjoy a superior healthcare experience. Join us today to be a part of a leading healthcare movement that values quality, efficiency, and innovation! 


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